301 comments on “Translations and Progress

  1. Told us by tweets, in less than 9 hours, if the game is not ready for resized window, it’ll be uploaded without it.

  2. Apparently this is also the same guy that did the official translations for Danganronpa and Kara no Shoujo. Real fan of his work looking forward to this too.

  3. Im having an issue. I looked up the official site via VNDB to download the free version of KR.
    But it keeps saying the disc image is corrupted, even after ive redownloaded it multiple times.
    has someone else had this issue, or is it more likely something with my computer?

  4. Thanks for your work.
    I have a problem. How can I exit the full screen mode? I accidentally activated it and can’t seem to get out of it

  5. Great job. You said Mamatoto will be done in March and it’s already 100%. Also hearing news about Rance 6 is the happiest thing I’ve last heard. Thank you very much.

  6. Great job mate. I just finished kichikuou rance and now Mamatoto is already 100% translated. Hope you will break the “Rance 6 translation curse” xD
    Some feedbacks about kichikuou rance: there are some typos but overall, the translation is very good. It could be even better, in my opinion, if you kept the Japanese honorifics. I think the visual novel lovers (and rance’s fans) like us would be more familiar with rance-sama than master rance, mr. rance, …
    Again, thank for your works.

    • You did a great job on the translation but i have to agree with anon up there^. Honorifics are nice (sometimes).

  7. You the real mvp!
    Seriously your new title is “Translator Hero”
    I’ll change it if you don’t like it. :D

    • If you’d like to reliably read whatever you want without hoping random fan translators actually do what they claim, you probably want to learn Japanese. Particularly with Eushully I don’t think anyone but Aroduc has made a real effort toward translating their games.

      • Yes, indeed, but it will take years of study. But thanks to people as you, now we can read this great visual novels (particularly i learn Japanese).

      • Would be interesting to know how many kanji and composita you know arunaru. I am trying to learn this language at the moment but i don’t know whether the joyo kanji and a few hundred composita are enough to play a game like rance 9 for example.

        • I have no way of giving you a quantity of what I know because after a point I just started reading stuff to learn. If you’re studying and have a solid grasp of grammar and a basic vocabulary, what I would recommend you do is try reading through something you’re interested in and looking up everything you don’t understand. That way you’ll be learning these things in context, which should be a lot better than memorizing random words and kanji.

          • Thanks for the advice, but i highly doubt that i can learn a system as complex as this with such a method. I think you must be a genius to remember several thousands of those cryptic kanji by just seeing them from time to time and looking them up. I’m not that good, i was once able to memorize around 400-500 totally random kanji, but at this point i was stuck because for every few new kanji i saw, i forgot some of the others after not seeing them for a while.
            With analyzing the structure of a kanji and creating some stories with it, i am probably able to get a lot more of them into my brain, but it will undoubtedly take a long time and i have no idea how to handle the compisita.

      • Yeah, I see what you mean. I’m in the middle of playing Kamidori, and the quality is actually seriously good. But, then I go to this Ikusa Zero game and play their translation and… well… it’s not so good. It’s almost like this dude learned English before Japanese, and is translating into some broken form.
        That being said, he’s actually gotten 60% of the translation done. It’s just the wording and structure is totally off. Perhaps they’ll edit what they’ve already done?

        I’ve actually learnt to memorize Katakana and Hatakana, and then I realized just how much work I was in for. I’m also studying novel writing at the moment, so juggling two huge learning processes at once doesn’t seem realistic to me. Therefore, it would probably take a long time for me to reach a stage where I can learn Japanese steadily.

        That being said, I’m always supporting you! The quality of your translations are great! Enjoyed the hell out of Toushin Toshi 2 and Kichikou Rance.

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