344 comments on “Translations and Progress

  1. LOL 54%…isn’t s/he fkin fast? XD awesome…

    other translation group be like 2012 10% 2015 15%

    arunaru be like fk this shiz march 30% april 54%

    ROFL u re the best!

    • Already donated some money and will add another donation after the game is finished.

      In my eyes you should start a vote what to translate next and collect some money (on kickstarter or something like that). Myself for example would pay definitely some money for a smooth Rance 9 translation. I dont see the point why you should do that for nearly nothing especially after you proved you are fast and reliable.

  2. Everytime i open that page on saturday, my love for you grows. :D Keep on the good work, man.

  3. I noticed it goes up around 4-5% per week. At this rate there’s only 8-10 weeks left for reaching 100% in June/July.
    World record for fastest translator.

  4. Wow, already 60%. You are the best, Aru. I heard that after Rance 6, you may translate Evenicle if you like it. From your tweeter, it seems you really enjoyed it. So, will you continue to be our savior?

  5. Hey, arunar. Do you have any advice on learning Japanese? Like, books or websites or programs etc? I’ve decided to take your advice and learn the language.

    • My Japanese learning was really haphazard and probably not very efficient to start off with, but I can tell you what I think would work best. First just do whatever you want to memorize hiragana and katakana, that shouldn’t be very complicated.


      Read this site for grammar. Use an SRS program called Anki for vocabulary. It’s like a digital flash card system that you can download other people’s decks on, and you should be able to find good Japanese vocab decks there.

      Once you have a decent basic vocabulary or you get bored of that or whatever, start reading stuff that you want to read and look up anything you don’t know. It’ll be extremely slow at the start, but that’s the best way to stay motivated and to read real Japanese in some context. If you want to do visual novels or whatever PC games there are tools now that can make quick look-ups easy like VN Reader or whatever other text hookers there are. Just don’t try to learn with a machine translator or anything, take the words or idioms you don’t understand and look them up online or in a dictionary or whatever.

      • Thanks a great deal friend. I just finished learning Katakana and Hiragana. I used an app called Dr Moku, which associates each symbol with something that it looks like. Ridiculous, but very effective indeed.

        Onto the website you gave me. Thanks again. Man, the doors of VN’s will open wide with this.

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  12. Hi there new guy here and I have a question and some coments.

    I just played some rance games the older ones I didn’t like the artstle and gamplay were to outdated and and never got my hands on Rance VI and I see your working on that so yay for me and others.

    But I have alredy played Sengoku Rance and wonder if you also will work on Rance Quest and Rance IX when your done with your othere works ofcourse.
    Hop ypu will because I realy wants to know how things wil go with frozen Sill :,(

    Hope you keep up the good work and I will be donating soon,
    because I think everyone who is working on translations of this game series has died out and I’m very happy to someone whos still working on it.

    • I can’t really say anything about future plans right now.

      If you didn’t try it, I’d still suggest trying Kichikuou Rance. It’s worlds better than any of the other Rance games prior to VI.

        • It’s generally agreed upon that Kichikuou, VI, and Sengoku are the best Rance games. Sengoku’s definitely the most popular, but they’re all very good, yes. VI is a more of an RPG that has a much stronger story and characters than Sengoku.

          • Oh wow. I’m excited… I thought Sengoku’s story – while mostly comical and lacking in theme and depth, was pretty freaking good, to be honest. Are there demons in Rance 6? Because I love the lore behind Demons, heroes and devils in Rance’s world. HNGGHHHHH. I’ll make a donation when payday comes!

              • Thanks for all the info I tried Kichikuou Rance but i could not go with it the game mechanic being to old and the lack of explenation of how to do stuff an become stronge.

                But I will be looking forward on Rance and will see whats happen after that.

                I will be donating after the ppl at paypal find out what the hell is wrong with my account.
                Can’t seems to add my creditcard to my account.

                  • Hey, Naru, you think 4.1 + 4.2 are worth playing? I can’t get Virtual Machines to run to save my life, and have decided that I may partition my harddrive and install of a 32bit operating system so I can run it. That being said, it doesn’t look that good. What do you think?

                    I quite like Rance 4, though. In fact, IO’s probably amongst my favorite Rance girls, despite it being her only entry, and a somewhat short one at that.

                    • It is worth it if you want some more story for some characters. For example you meet Genri and Kisara here for the first time and some characters you already know reappear (like Bird, the blue haired guy from Rance 2). Also there are many scenes for Athena, a character that usually doesn’t get much spotlight.

                      There are also some more exotic side characters like the healing monster you can see again in Kichikuou Rance. You don’t need to play it to understand future games, just like you don’t need to play Rance 5 to understand Rance 6, but the story in 4.1 and 4.2 provides some really funny moments and showes some early development for Rance’s character.

    • I would second that. You shouldn’t let graphics get in the way of at least TRYING a game. I didn’t like the art style of Kikichou rance, and I sure as hell didn’t like the art style of Toushin Toshi 2, but I played them nonetheless and they were incredibly good.

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  15. Awsome! One of my top3 game ever is getting an english translation. Another little donation and a big thank you for your hard work.

  16. 75% translated? Awesome job dude! Very well done, keep it up, i can’t donate but know i’m really happy of what you’re doing

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