Translations and Progress

Toushin Toshi: Complete

Toushin Toshi II: Complete

Kichikuou Rance: Complete

Mamatoto: Complete (Removed due to Alicesoft partnership. Other games are remaining for now due to being freeware.)

Rance VI: 88.4% Translated (on hold, and won’t stop being on hold unless the game is licensed for an official release)

Beat Blades Haruka: Complete

545 comments on “Translations and Progress

  1. aaand.. stopped at 88% lol. at least you could’ve picked Beat Blades Haruka On Hold instead of Rance 6. considering your translating progress it won’t take another year to finish.

    how long is teh waiting now? only god knows LOL

      • well, he could always partnering with any company that lets him to pick. mangagaymer’s certainly the shit that every people would love to avoid.

        but let’s not be too negative. since aru’s already deep in the mud, why don’t he take the Kara no Shoujo 2 to his translation next? screw rance 6. it’s destined to be screwed either way

  2. Come on people, don’t be so negative. I trust Aru’s judgement that we will get VI sooner or later. Sucks to wait but if you are a Rance fan you are probably used to it.

  3. Sengoku rance is too easy to find in english so i thing never get out(but doest matter) rance 5d and 6 too old i thing for interest mangagamer but maibe in the futur it will end like olest alice game free game and if this hapening i hope you give translation or remake will out (probabily) and for the “new” rance i hope they will be translate ( if it case i will have this )

  4. If they were to focus on newer Rance games, we would lose 5 and 6 but at least get something out of it, still be better than them deciding to just sit on the license while doing nothing with it, which sadly is probably more likely. Sengoku Rance translation is unnecessary anyway because there already is one out, so who would pay 50-70$, which is the normal mangagamer price for new translations, for a game that had a free patch available for so many years?

    • Sekai Project customers.

      Rance VI should be released because it’s the best untranslated Rance game and it’s absolutely vital to the overall plot of the series. I personally just don’t expect it before 2017

        • Just calculating things here but it seems unlikely that Haruka will be released before March 2016 at the earlier which could make a 2016 release possible but if Haruka gets pushed out to June or July or Alicesoft want a longer timeframe to see how it goes than a 2016 release seems unlikely.

          I obviously don’t know the editing process but I’d imagine now it’s professional it would have to be more thorough and thus time consuming.

  5. A quote from Maria. As of 5th july 2015. “It may also be worth noting that Arunaru has been aware of the plan as well for some time. Obviously he was hoping we’d be able to release VI sooner rather than later, but it’s not like we blindsided him with the news two weeks ago or whatever.”
    So now who is lying? You or Maria? Well it doesn’t really matter, Maria said she NEVER intended to release any Rance game that is not freeware so the 2.0 team claimed 5 and 6 for years while lying trough their teeth the whole time about the progress so no free translator would work on the game, just to maybe make a few bucks off it in the future.
    There is just no way anyone can trust Maria anymore, she threw any credibility out of the window and you did not keep your word either, but at least you did not screw us out of pure greed like Maria. Still, you really were naive enough to think their first release would be such an old game, number 6 in a bigger series no less? We can call ourselves lucky if they intend to release Rance 6 at all, it is more likely for them to start with the 01 remake, go from 1-4 and remake 5 and 6 as well in a few years.

    There was simply no better time to learn japanese, or put up with a crappy machine translation so you at least can play the game at some point.

    • I asked about the possibility of releasing Rance VI several times and was told they would do it. Guess I was dumb for thinking they’d try to release a nearly complete project that’s been anticipated rather than shutting it down and creating bad will, but oh well. I’ve made it perfectly clear to them I’m not happy about it, and I’m not planning to translate another nukige following this one, so either they’ll get something I want or I’m out.

      Yes, I’ve known they were going to try and partner with Alicesoft since right around when I began the Rance VI project. Nobody had any way of knowing if or when they would actually succeed at this, so I decided to keep working on it rather than just give up. It was only two or three weeks ago that they actually succeeded at partnering with Alicesoft and licensing Haruka. If Maria always planned to try and release those games officially I have no idea why she wouldn’t have just said that, but it’s not like I’m happy to have put all this work into this game I love only for it to have to be set aside now, and I would’ve much rather talked about everything were I not contractually obligated not to. But this is what’s happened and I’ve accepted it, you can either accept it too or keep whining about it on the internet to accomplish nothing. Not sure what word it is I didn’t keep either.

      The fact of the matter is that Rance VI (and I guess 5D? You should hardly be that upset about losing that game though) aside this isn’t slowing down the release of anything, I don’t know what delusional universe you live in but I’m the only one who was really translating anything at a reasonable rate and if not for this I wasn’t going to be able to continue for much longer. If you actually want to see more recent Alicesoft games ever getting translated then this is the best way for it to happen, and Rance is certainly not what you should be worried about not getting released. If you want to mourn the death of anything it’s the late-90’s-early 2000’s games that aren’t freeware but can’t be feasibly put out. I can also tell you this idea that they’re going to try and force the games to be released in some chronological order isn’t based in any sort of reality. Alicesoft would sooner release older games than newer ones regardless of what position they occupy in a series, that’s not a concern to anyone.

      • RIP Daiakuji, Atlach Nacha. I’m guessing Pastel Chime/GalZoo are too dated these days too to be worth localizing.

        All in all I think this might still be a good thing though. It’s a shame the Rance VI situation isn’t working out quite as planned, but in the long run things will hopefully work out much smoother as a result of this partnership.

        • We’re pushing for Galzoo, it runs in the same resolution as Haruka so I don’t see why not. Pastel Chime 1 definitely isn’t happening, Pastel Chime Continue I guess maybe, but none of us really know that game. I’ve got a copy of it here but I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve barely been able to play the new FE.

      • Sorry Arunaru, it was not my intention to piss you off, i know you wanted to release Rance 6 and the timing was just poor, i rather believe you on that than Maria to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I really hope your optimism proves to be right and the deal between Mangagamer and Alicesoft leads to faster translation of good games. If yes then the long Rance 6 hiatus was worth it. Unfortunetely, I don’t have as much trust in Alicesoft or Mangagamer as you do.

        Them putting a nearly finished Rance 6 on hold, despite many people waiting for it, should prove how random their decisions tend to be, so you assuming they would think rational was a wrong assumption regrettably. Mangagamer made some piss poor decisions in the past and the fact that Alicesoft just now, after so many years, tries to open up to the western market and begins with pissing many people off, while still blocking every foreign IP from their side, shows that they either have no clue what this market wants, or they just don’t give a damn.

        • Alicesoft wanted to release something older and MangaGamer asked for something newer, it’s not really Alicesoft that did it. I’m sure Alicesoft would not have much of a problem with releasing Rance VI. The major obstacle is that it’s a lower resolution game and MG is reluctant to release those, but I’ve brought it up plenty since and the guy in charge of licensing at MG says we can do it, so I’m holding them to that. They’re aware Rance has clout and VI is a major game, but from the first time I talked to them they said Haruka was their #1 target.

          • The same logic with new resolution etc applies for bringing Rance 01 as the first rance game or redoing Sengoku

            • Rance 01 isn’t even 2 years old. Even if Rance VI were 100% fucked you’d probably sooner get Rance Quest than either of those. MG isn’t much for releasing games that were already translated either.

              • So Rance Quest probably more likely than VI in my opinion.

                Especially since it’s newer and shinier than VI and Maria will probably be around 70% translated when they make the choice.

                And outside of more diehard Rance fans, Quest is more hyped than VI. Because it’s new, people foolishly think Sill will get defrosted and Reset. And being nice and shiny and it fits the people who do buy mangagamer games (aka not me and not haniho and not most the people who hang around the blogs or go on hongfire whatever). Haruka of course fits their target perfectly. As would some other Alicesoft games.

                Galzoo and Pastel Chime Continue are pipe dreams in my opinion.

                And Rance 01 will be four years old come 2017. And whilst Mangagamer don’t localise games with existing fan translations, they’ve never had the prospect of localising a game as high profile as Sengoku Rance before.

                I understand your optimism and I know you and Maria do want to localise VI but I don’t share it.

      • well arunaru, you can always secretly complete the english patch for Rance VI and distribute it secretly to the crowd and we’ll buy the game directly from alicesoft site.

        got some questions here

        who is in charge of translating Rance Quest?

        is there anything alicesoft says that they’re going to localize their other games besides Haruka?

        any chances that alicesoft going to partner with other company that isn’t MG?

        any chances of you translating games that isn’t Alicesoft’s?

        • No, he can’t just do that, man. There would be consequences that just aren’t worth it. It’s just a game, there’s plenty out there. Kill time playing those till it’s released.

    • Only way to make sure you can read Rance VI is to start learning Japanese today. Plus not only will it open up Rance VI but it will open up the other Rance games, other Alicesoft games and a fuckload of good games that will never be translated.

      • ikr. also it would be way helpful for us to donate to whoever wants to improve translation machine to becomes waaay better, than wasting it on fan translations. that way we won’t be so disappointed with human translator like things going on now.

        • not everyone can learn that fast…..i really bad at learning other language, i mean looks at my english…….. and i been learning english for like ages T_T

          if i start reading Japanese today i prolly will at least can read it @ 2020 @@

          • Well you can read English well enough to play a game.

            Remember you don’t have to be able to write well in Japanese or be grammatically perfect to play Rance.

            Give it a shot.

            Give up now and you have no chance

            • You can’t compare English to Japanese man, as someone who learnt English as a second language i can assure you all you need to understand basic things is vocabulary, nothing more. Learn a few hundred words, which are not much different than many of their counterparts in other languages, type a word you don’t know in the translator from time to time and you are good to go.
              Japanese, however, is nothing like English in any way and because of those thousands of shitty Kanji you can’t just learn a few words. You have to learn a little over 2000 of those Kanji AND smash the many different, sometimes nonsensical readings of them in your head as well to understand things, ah yeah and Hiragana + Katakana too of course. To top it off, should you run into a Kanji or Composita you don’t know, just quickly looking it up is way harder than in English because you have to play detective and look for the fucker while it hardly differs from the crowd of other kanji it is in.

              Been there, tried it, learned Hiragana and Katakana without much effort, now being stuck at the basic meaning of 800 Kanji, understanding some of a Japanese interface since it involves few Composita, but I’m not understanding shit most of the time I read something story related because I have not yet learned the fucking readings, and at this point, I don’t know if it is even worth trying. No wonder Japanese people tend to be strange. If I had to learn this language during school along with basic things like math,Ii would probably beg the mighty Godzilla to put me out of my misery.

              • I tried learning japanese…..
                Kanjis are hell T_T
                I think I know 100-200 at best, only the most basic ones, then I gave up learning it T_T (well, maybe I will try again later but for now google translator is doing a good enough job :p)

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  22. Now that you’ve finished translating beats blade can you resume translating rance or do you need to be given a go ahead?

  23. Can u give us an idea of what will likely to be either translated or released by MangaGamer from the Alicesoft collection after Beat Blades

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  28. Is there a reason the beings called demons in sengoku rance are known as dark lords in all the other games? If this reason is a good one why do we continue to call their leader the demon king and not the dark lord king?

    • I called them demons in Kichikuou Rance. The reason why they were called dark lords in Rance 3/4 is because someone decided to semi-follow some English terms given by Alicesoft and dark lord was said in some old material. The reason why they continued to call their leader the Demon King is bad decision making, I guess.

  29. Congratulations on translating Haruka! Now that you’re finished and the game’s released, are you going to continue translating Rance VI, or are there other projects on your queue which come first?

    • You’re the thousandth person to ask this question with an obvious answer, so I’ve added more information next to Rance VI up there. If I could just continue translating Rance VI, I would’ve finished it ages ago.

  30. This is why I hate translators who go in sequence… They start with the old games nobody wants to play, and it takes YEARS to get to the new games. And in all likelihood, something will kill the project long before it gets anywhere close to the new games. Watch as mangagamer insists on retranslating all the old games from scratch because they aren’t high quality enough for them…

    That’s if mangagamer even decides that Rance would be a good investment for them… The existing free translations may just kill any interest in those before they even get started.

    What happens if Mangagamer only does that one title and never bothers with Rance? Do Rance translations remain forever in limbo? Does the entire translation community just suddenly avoid Rance for the rest of time in the vein hopes that Mangagamer will translate Rance?

    • I can assure you Mangagamer has no interest in releasing the old Rance games in any form. The only translated Rance game they might want to release is Sengoku. Whereas the relatively recent games are very much of interest.

      • So shouldn’t it be in mangagamers best interest for you to finish translating Rance 6 for free? Having the title directly behind the one they intend to do for money would increase interest in Sengoku Rance.

        Or when you say recent games, are you referring to the remakes? Oh god, they aren’t gonna do that are they? Wait for each of the remakes to release in sequence and do those rather than Rance 8 and 9? Better than the old crap, but I’d rather just skip the damn remakes…

        • It’s not in Mangagamer’s best interests for one of their employees to release a viable game from one of the companies they contract with for free and without the company’s permission, no.

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